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Attention! If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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About Me

Valerie McIntosh


“If you are looking for a Clinical Therapist/Counsellor or Life Coach to effectively help transform the life of a youth, woman, couple and family, Valerie is a great person to depend on for results. As a compassionate, caring, and trusting professional, Valerie over delivers quality by bringing so much success to others in Thinking-up, Exploring, Designing and Manifesting a life that is in harmony with your soul’s purpose. She skillfully applies specific clinical skills that are fundamental to your individual experience. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology (ONSAP).”
I am recognized for the work I do with: (1) YOUTH – Mental health, emotional health, and relationships (2) GIRLS & WOMEN – Heal and change from their experience of being in emotionally abusive relationships (3) COUPLES & FAMILIES – explore and work on issues in ways that lead to healing, restoration, and decision making.
“Besides being an author, Valerie’s background in Kinesiology and career development, combined with her experience as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Life Coach, puts her in an incomparable, unique position to understand and fulfill her clients’ needs in a comprehensive and progressive way.”

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy simply refers to when a trained and qualified therapist, like myself, helps you (or one individual) work through issues and concerns that you are experiencing or have experienced in the past but still are affecting your current life.  The problems you seek therapy for generally are affecting your emotions, thought/mental  processes and behaviour patterns, and those are the three major areas that you and your therapist would work to see changes/ result in.

Individual Therapy 2

Couples Therapy

Are you in a serious dating relationship, courting, engaged, or married? Couples Therapy is for you. You would get help with resolving issues in areas of concern and on better communication skills.  *Keep in mind that you do not have to have  major problems before seeking therapy. I would suggest that you seek therapy earlier in your relationship to improve clarification on partnership life-outlook and personality compatibility with your partner; Consider pre-engagement or premarital counselling.  

Family Therapy

I help Families to explore and understand their family dynamics and patters so they begin becin to work on real issuse  like damaging words and emotions, resentment and long-standing ways of relating that is not beneficial to the family as a unit.  As much as possible, my goal as your therapist is to help you develop happier relationships and homes. 

Family Walking Along Dunes On Winter Beach

Group Therapy

When I speak of Group Therapy I am referring to a mixed group of individuals that do not, in most cases, involve people of the same family but that do share similar experience, problems, challenges or interest that are related or in line with the focus for that particular therapy group the are attending.


Anxiety Recovery Group

Learn more about anxiety; Develop skills to relax; Learn about the physiology of panic attacks; Deal with negative thinking; Reduce avoidance of anxious situations, and feel more confident

For Women in Emotionally Abusive Relationships

A safe and confidential group designed to provide supportive help, psycho-education, sharing and connectedness for girls and women in emotionally abusive relationships. The purpose of this group is to help you have a safe place, learn, explore issues, heal, and make necessary life changes that is in your best interest.

Teen Dating Relationship Group

The purpose of this group is to educate teenagers and youth on the making and maintenance of healthy relationships. Topics include: Identifying your individual values and worthiness, setting and enforcing relationship boundaries, how to identify if your relationships are healthy, destructive or needs improvement and the gift of communication.


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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Engagements & Workshops fully booked  out for 2021.  Requests for online engagements  in 2022 and 2023 are available currently. 

I keep 3 appointment slots open on my calendar each month to offer 3 free 45-minute sessions (including a consultation).  You must think that you need therapy/counselling for mental health, emotional, and behaviourl related matters. Your mental health concern does not have to be formally diagnosed before you seek support. I offer these free sessions to youth of very low-income homes to encourage them to take first steps to getting help and living their best lives.

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