Couples Therapy

P4S provides therapy on an ongoing basis for couples and families with a wide range of concerns. I am dedicated to providing safe, effective, helpful, confidential and accessible therapy services to a diversity of couples and families.
If you are interested in group therapy, family therapy or couples therapy for yourself or someone you know please contact me to set up a free 10-15-minute initial consultation.
Couples who are seriously dating or courting and couples who are talking about getting married often recei services from my office because I strongly encourage working on differences and problems in the early stages of your relationship to increase your chance of having a successful and happy one. I help couples and families reveal, identify, share and learn of each others’ values, interests, goals, world views on particular issues like children, finances, social engagements and expectations, partner or member roles, family/friend involvement in their relationship, and so on.
In-depth assessments are available for both couples and families.
Culturally and youth-centric service is available.
I believe that families are:
Connected emotionally;
Affect each others thought, feelings and behaviours;
Seek other members’ approval and support;
Respond to other members’ needs, distress, and expectations. In other words, one family member’s stress can spread anxiety or joy to other family member and affect the interconnectedness of the family as a unit;
Capable of change and growth, just like single individual is; and at times, improved change from member of the family unit can potentially affect positive change in other members;
If only a single member of your family is experiencing a difficult time, help should be sought, as the entire family unit is likely to be affected.