Group Therapy

Sometimes the importance of having friends and restoring meaningful friendships are underestimated. A good friendship is as important as a relationship with a life’s partner or family member. When your friendship is going well it makes you feel happy, loved, understood and minimizes feelings of loneliness. When your friendship hits a rough patch, you feel sad, upset, and lonely, sometimes unworthy, misunderstood or even guilty and deep emotional pain. Human beings are social beings with a need for belonging; so, why not put in the effort to restore a friendship and keep a good friend if they add value and happiness to your life? We need each other!
If you have or had a meaningful friendship that is disrupted by breach of trust, offensive behaviour, disrespect, imbalance (one person gives too much and the other takes too much), a lack of thankfulness and appreciation, or a significant one-time mistake, I provide the opportunity for you to have a third party to help you and/or your friend come to the best resolution for getting back on track with your friendship. In fact, your friendship may grow into a better place than it has ever been.
This group is for men who experience:
Low Self-Satisfaction
Low Self-Confidence
Struggling with the transition from youth to adulthood with manly responsibilities
Discontent to living up to demands of family, work, and Social life
Mutual learning and support from other group members.
Learn more about anxiety
Develop skills to relax       
Learn about the physiology of panic attacks                           
Manage your negative thoughts
Reduce avoidance of anxious situations and feel more confident
A safe and confidential group designed to provide supportive help, psycho-education, sharing and connectedness for girls and women in emotionally abusive relationships.
The purpose of this group is to help you:
Have a safe place
Explore issues
"Face"/Confront your abusers
Make necessary life changes that is in your best interest
Transform your pain into creative energy for a meaningful goal.
The purpose of this group is to educate teenagers and youth on the making and maintenance of healthy relationships.
Topics include:
Identifying your individual values and worthiness
Identifying personal values and boundaries
Discussing and enforcing relationship boundaries
How to identify if your relationships are healthy, needs improvement or distructive to your sense of self. What to do next.
Discuss the human gift of communication and it powerful value.